Corsock & Kirkpatrick Durham Community Council Micro Grants – Second round of funding awarded

Temporis Capital, the owners of Blackcraig Windfarm, make an annual payment of £2,000 to the neighbouring Community Councils to support good causes. This week, Corsock & KPD Community Council made their second round of awards through the Micro Grant Scheme, awarding £860 to 3 more projects in the community council area.


The awards made in this round were:

  • Kirkpatrick Durham Recreation Bothy Gardeners – £150 contribution to the purchase of a lawnmower
  • Knockvennie Community Hall – £325 towards insulation and lighting costs in the hall
  • Kirkpatrick Durham Village Hall – £385 towards a large dishwasher for the hall


Joe Seed, Chairman of the Corsock & KPD Community Council, said:

“Many thanks to all that applied for money and to Temporis Capital for the funding. We have now awarded all of this year’s annual £2,000 payment to 8 great and deserving projects that will provide a direct benefit to the residents of the area. Keep an eye on the community website (https://corsockhall.wixsite.com) for news of events and activities around Corsock & Kirkpatrick Durham, and for future funding rounds.




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