Cunninghame Housing Association Launches £10,000 ‘Making Our Communities Better Places Fund’ For Dumfries & Galloway

Cunninghame Housing Association has launched its “Making Our Communities Better Places Fund” (£10,000) for the Dumfries and Galloway Region.

Cunninghame Housing Association has a huge social housing development programme in place for Dumfries & Galloway, over the next three to five years, that will provide over 300 homes for rent.

Cunninghame Housing Association

The fund which runs from 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020 has been a flagship community fund operated by the Association over the last 20 years in North Ayrshire. The Association’s voluntary Board of Management decided this year to set up a separate fund specifically for the Dumfries and Galloway region.

The fund has over the last 20 years awarded in total approx. £150,000 of funding into community projects. The fund for Dumfries and Galloway is £10,000 per year and is now open with three local groups having been supported to date.

Commenting on the fund being set up in Dumfries and Galloway Janet Strang chairperson of CHA said “We are totally committed to helping the communities within which we operate. Our fund has enhanced some people’s lives and assisted local groups to help achieve their ambitions” “We have made awards to organisations such as food banks, young peoples football teams, community events, individuals and community hubs”

“We hope that the fund will develop further over the next few years”.

Donation/Sponsorship Criteria

This year funding applications will only be considered from Annan, Gretna, Lockerbie
and Eastriggs

The Fund criteria is as follows:

  • Any group, individual or organisation with a clear connection with the communities within which the Association operates can make an application for funding.
  • That all applicants complete and submit for consideration the Association’s standard Application Form with any supporting documentation requested.
  • That any Association employee or Board of Management Member having a connection with an application received and being considered must declare this interest to the Chief Executive. In this respect they will not take any part in any decision on the application.
  • No support will be given to any application which is not consistent with the Association’s criteria and charitable status.
  • Only one application each financial year (1st April – 31st March) from an applicant will normally be considered.
  • That a confidential report is submitted to the Board of Management by the Chief Executive with recommendations.
  • That the Association maximises its media coverage of any award made.

If you are a Local Group/Individual and you are interested in submitting an application for funding

Please contact Karlin McLaughlan or Elaine Nimmo at Cunninghame Housing Association on 01294 468360

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