Cunninghame Housing Association Presents £1000 Cheque To Mossburn Community Farm

Alan Somerville, Senior Development Officer of Cunninghame Housing Association, recently presented a cheque for £1,000 to Siobhan Webster, Yard Manager of Mossburn Community Farm.

Mossburn Community Farm is primarily an animal sanctuary however, it provides many facilities/programmes which improve the lives of local people such as – work experience placements for people of all ages and abilities to help those looking to work in animal related fields or just to enhance general life and social skills; volunteering opportunities to gain experience for future workplaces and contribute to a worthwhile cause; the facility also provides an Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) programme for local people with learning, behavioural or emotional challenges, especially those from vulnerable or impoverished backgrounds.

The Farm receives referrals from schools, social work and support agencies. Individuals who may be resistant to other types of therapy often respond favourably to AAT with the animals acting as natural therapists that can enrich the quality of life of individuals by offering friendship and emotional, physical and mental support. The Farm provides vital support to many.

The funding provided by Cunninghame Housing Association will assist with the all-important running costs of the Farm to provide food for the animals, bedding, and vet bills among many more. Without having vital funds, the Farm would struggle to function and provide the range of valuable services it currently offers local people.

Frank Sweeney, Group Chief Executive of CHA commented, “Mossburn Community Farm is quite clearly a vital resource for many in the local community as well as a safe and secure place for animals that are looked after there.”

The funding for Mossburn Community Farm came from the Associations “Making Our Communities a Better Place Fund” which operates throughout the year (1 st April to 31 st March) until the allocated funding is exhausted.

Local Groups or individuals interested in finding out more about the Associations Making Our Communities Better Places Fund can do so by visiting http://cunninghamehousing.org where you can also download an application form.

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