DGRI Staff Relay For Nith Inshore Rescue

The third team of DGRI staff to continue a baton relay completed the challenge raising £485 for local charity Nith Inshore Rescue.

Inspired by the positive impact of the challenge on the health and wellbeing of colleagues in teams one (CCU) and two (Theatres) during the Covid-19 pandemic, and their donations to local and national charities, Team Batonberg; comprising staff from Outpatients, Dermatology, Vascular and Dental altogether covered 2085km in 30 days.

Staff from all three teams clocked up 4486 kilometres between December and March and raised a total of £1655.

Laura Holland and her Daughter

Laura Holland, Clinical Nurse Specialist Dermatology, NHS D&G said: “My friend Cherie who works in Theatres passed the baton to me.  I was happy to take on some kind of challenge but admittedly I wasn’t too keen on the walking part as I hadn’t enjoyed walking as exercise or an activity prior to that.  I had started a bit of a health kick though so agreed to take it on as I thought it must help in some way.  Though I was worried no one would join in and I would need to go out every night to cover a distance of any significance.  I just didn’t know if I could fit that in with work and family commitments.  That wasn’t the case though as soon after being passed the baton I was part of a great team.  Thanks to; Arlene, Carole, Catherine, Denise, Helen, Jenna, Lindsay, Lynn, Michelle, Paul, Regan, Robyn, Ross, Sandra, Dr Colin Malone, AyeAye Mortimer and Claire Ewart.

“I was surprised to find I really enjoyed the walking, putting my earphones in, the peace while I walked for an hour, and forgetting about all the stresses of the world.  It was also nice to go without the earphones and listen to nature, watch the ducks and spot the famous otters.  It has been a great incentive to continue keep fit efforts which may have diminished after January otherwise.

Tessy the Dog

“The ‘group chat’ banter and team competitiveness has also been great for morale and kept us connected when some of us had been redeployed to other departments as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  I’m keeping up with walking at weekends as the challenge has inspired me to keep fit in the longer term.   Others feel the same and we all miss being part of Team Batonberg.  We are so proud of our achievements individually and as a team.”

Peter Bryden, Secretary, Nith Inshore Rescue, says: “We are incredibly grateful and humbled by the hard work by all staff who took part raising this kind donation. This shows how selfless our health and social care staff, especially during the Covid pandemic that they have taken the time to think about others.”

Donations were made through a Just Giving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/laura-holland17?utm_source=sms

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