Generous Dumfries & Galloway Businesses Give Carers A Break

Unpaid Carers in Dumfries and Galloway are in need of a break and local businesses can help!

Dumfries & Galloway Carers Centre have launched Respitality. This is a national initiative where businesses in the hospitality sector are being encouraged to make a donation, giving Carers some time out for themselves. Local businesses making a donation will be in good company as throughout Scotland hospitality, tourism & leisure businesses are already making a real difference to the lives of unpaid carers by offering their time, services or overnight breaks.

All of us will be affected by caring at some point in our lives – whether it is needing support from a Carer or becoming one. A Carer is someone who provides support to a family member or friend who is affected by long-term illness, disability, mental health, age, or addiction. In the past year, Dumfries & Galloway Carers Centre supported over 1500 Carers, including Young Carers from the age of 7. Many go year on year with no break from their caring role. This can lead to exhaustion, isolation and a loss of identity. Many Carers find it difficult or feel guilty asking for help and need to be encouraged to take some time for themselves, even to go for a haircut, cinema or a meal out. Carers often feel the financial impact of caring they may not be able to afford or allow themselves the smallest treat – things a lot of us take for granted. Going out for a meal can be a strain on finances and a hotel break may be out of the question.

How can your business help?

Many Carers cannot leave their own town or region for any length of time due to their caring role. That’s why your local donation can help Carers in Dumfries and Galloway to take some time out. Whatever break or service you offer, it will allow Carers a chance to recharge, which is vital for their own health and wellbeing. By taking a break Carers tell us how it helps them to return to their caring role feeling more positive and more able to carry on.

Why should you donate to Respitality?

Through feedback from businesses who support the project, we know that a partnership with Respitality will reinforce your brand values and the warm welcome that Scotland is renowned for the world over.

The process to donate is simple and easy, and breaks can be donated at a time that suits your business needs. As well as a great avenue for your business to connect with your local community, it is also great for staff morale, as they see first-hand the difference their support makes to unpaid Carers and their families.

Donating to a project like Respitality helps your business to fulfil any Corporate Social Responsibility commitments you have, which can result in improved customer loyalty as global research shows that consumers are willing to pay extra for products and services from companies committed to positive social impact.

What do our supporters think?

“I feel great being able to help. It’s not a big outlay, but such a big reward for the Carer. Let’s face it, one day we may all be Carers.” (Business Owner)

Feedback form Carers

“It was wonderful being pampered for a few hours. My finances don’t allow me to spend money on treats but as this was donated I also felt like I was being given permission to take a little time out, something I would normally feel guilty about. I haven’t washed dishes for a week after having my nails done!” Adult Carer

“Having a night away in a comfy bed in a nice hotel was magical. It gave me a much needed full night of uninterrupted sleep which I had not had in years. Not having someone else to run around after for one night did me the world of good and having breakfast cooked for me was a blessing. I returned home feeling so refreshed and relaxed – it’s been a long time since I felt like that”. Parent Carer “I loved having a day out with my parents and brother. My Mum and Dad can’t afford to take us out much as they have to spend all their time looking after my brother and I felt really spoiled. We even got free ice cream!” Young Carer – age 9

Nina Raynor, Project Officer for Dumfries & Galloway Carers Centre stated “We are absolutely delighted to have received some amazing feedback and donations from local businesses on the launch of this initiative. The Carindale Hotel have kindly offered to be an ambassador for Respitality in D&G and so far, we have been given a donation from The Studio, a local hairdresser. An overnight stay in a deluxe glamping pod, curtesy of Tiny Home Dunscore and the Moniaive Theatre Group kindly donated tickets for their Christmas Panto. These donations will make a huge difference to the lives of Carers in our region and give them some much deserved time out.”

For more information or to make a donation, please contact Nina Raynor, Project Officer for Respitality on 01387 248600 or email [email protected]