Dumfries Men’s Shed Ready To Open At New Cresswell Premises

The team behind Dumfries Men’s Shed are all set to open at their new premises at 1 Cresswell Gardens in Dumfries.

Dumfries and Galloway Council handed over the keys to the charity back in February 2020 following an 18 month process, and the team have been busy transforming the building into a new community hub.

The new larger building means the charity can also provide facilities for the local community.

Ken Shiers, Chairman of Dumfries Men’s Club said “Dumfries Men’s Shed is a recreational facility for men from the Dumfries area aged eighteen or over. It’s so that they can get some enjoyment and camaraderie with other men doing small pieces of work or just communicate with other men and it fills a natural gap which occurs particularly amongst men.

Because of our facilities, which are quite good is that we also would like it to be open to the community at large, not necessarily just for the Dumfries Men’s Shed.

We’ve got a games room, a large workshop, recreational room, a small cafe area, and we’re open to things like we’ve got photography, art, things like model making and we hope to expand.

So, we cover quite a large area but we view ourselves as much as a social supplier as opposed to just coming here and making things, although we’re quite happy If men just want to do that, you know, but the primary thing is the safety and the camaraderie of the men involved. We’d certainly encourage new members to come along and just see what we’ve got and what we do and that would be terrific and hope to see them sometime.”

The Dumfries Men’s Shed is set to open from Monday the 9th of August.