Ex Scotland Rugby Star ‘Suzy Rook’ Takes The Plunge For Charity

Mum of 3 Suzy Rook from Crossmichael, Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway is now a Justice social worker, she used to spend her free time covered in mud playing rugby for the Scotland Ladies squad, and although still a keen rugby player, Suzy has been injured badly twice this year.

As part of her recovery, she has decided to go cold water submerging, every day until New Years Day, at various lochs, burns and rivers around Dumfries and Galloway to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Suzy told DGWGO “So I decided that winter was coming in, sometimes, like many folk I can feel a bit flat in the winter. I recently broke my ankle at rugby (2nd time in 2021) and decided to wait out my return until next season to let it heal properly.
So me being me decided to look up challenges online. Very quickly I came across the #coldwaterchallange. It was already 20+ days in. One not to miss out. I set about making my own.
I frequently do the Dee Dip at Loch Ken on New Year’s Day, so I decided I would do a cold water dip every day until and including the Dee Dip on 1st of January 2022. Cold water submerging has great health benefits- well I’m told this anway.
My chosen charity is Cancer Research UK. I’ve a couple of precious people in my life who are battling this awful disease and the local community has lost several treasured souls in the last few years. I figured this charity is perfect. I hope to raise as much as I can , I’ve set my initial target at £1000.”

We all know someone affected by Cancer. Can I ask you to support my cause . Even a £1 collectively helps. If You would like to donate please click  HERE


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