Funding Boost for COVID-19 Charities

The Scottish Secretary has welcomed a Covid-19 charity funding boost from the UK Government.

Commenting on the funding package for charities announced today [8 April 2020] by the Chancellor, Scottish Secretary Alister Jack said:

Volunteers up and down the country do a tremendous amount to support the most vulnerable in our society. That support has never been more important than in these difficult times.
The UK Government has set out a generous funding package for charities, which means an extra £30 million for the Scottish Government. I hope they will use that to support the incredible army of volunteers working so hard across Scotland to support those in need.
The UK Government will also match fund the money raised by the BBC’s ambitious Big Night In, which will raise funds for good causes right across the UK.
Today’s extra UK Government allocation to the Scottish Government is in addition to the £2.7 billion we have already allocated to it to fight Covid-19. And it is on top of the £330 billion of UK Government-backed loans to support businesses and households across the UK through these challenging times.
Further details:
The Chancellor announced a total of £60 million in Barnett Consequentials for all the devolved administrations as a result of the £370 million funding allocated to charities in England. This is broken down as follows:
  • £30 million for the Scottish Government
  • £20 million for Welsh Government
  • £10 million for the Northern Ireland Executive
There may be further Barnett allocations, dependent on the final projects funded, through the £360 million direct grant pot.
More information the announcement is here: https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/chancellor-of-the-exchequer-rishi-sunak-on-economic-support-for-the-charity-sector
More information about the BBC’s Big Night In is here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bignightin

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