Glenkens & District Community Action Plan Steering Group Publishes Update

The Glenkens & District Community Action Plan was published in 2020, and is owned and kept relevant by the CAP Steering Group, with support on delivery from the Glenkens Community and Arts Trust (GCAT).

The Steering Group has been meeting in its present form for some 18 months now and so felt it was timely to publish an Update Report on the progress of the Community Action Plan to date. The Report also sets out the challenges and opportunities facing delivery of the CAP priorities as they aim for ever more ambitious delivery. The most pressing challenge at present is achieving core support to fund the roles that will set the Glenkens up for success in the future.

Fiona Smith, outgoing Chair of the CAP Steering Group, said, “The Glenkens and District Community Action Plan sets out the priorities of our communities really clearly. Through the CAP Steering Group and the support of GCAT, we are demonstrating an effective model of delivery within a remote-rural community which we think may be of interest to others. We have therefore shared this Report widely and will continue to seek support from regional and national bodies to help us achieve our ambitions”

. Highlights from the last 2 years that have been directly driven by CAP delivery include:

• Creation of the Glenkens Local Food Hub • Creation of the Glenkens Hub website

• Creation of the Glenkens Youth Group

• Creation of the Glenkens Community Spaces Network

• Positive work on the creation of new Community Housing

• Adoption of a Vision for Land Use in the Glenkens

• Hosting D&G Citizens Advice Service in the Glenkens

• Creation of new support scheme for local childminders

• Commissioning of a report into the energy efficiency of many of our public buildings.


As well as many other projects and capital upgrades and investments. John Paterson, new Chair of the CAP Steering Group, said “In the 3 years since the Community Action Plan was published, community groups across the Glenkens & District have achieved great things.
There is a clearly demonstrable wish to work together, to complement each other rather than to compete. There are skilled and engaged people and great potential in the area. Our community has demonstrated a track record in administering large amounts of money with high standards of transparency, accountability and effective delivery.
We should all be very proud of what we have achieved through working together on the Glenkens and District Community Action Plan.” The full Update Report can be found on the Glenkens Hub website, alongside the Reports of the meetings of the CAP Steering Group.

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