Historic Gretna Police Station Sign Finds New Home

A new home has been found for an old sign from a well-known building.  Gretna Police Station on Glasgow Road was de-commissioned several years ago and was put up for sale.

“One the Devils Porridge Museum volunteers, Ian, lives in Gretna” said Judith Hewitt, Manager of the Museum.  “He thought that the old cast iron sign on the side of the building should be preserved and was determined to do all he could to get it to the Museum and we’re really pleased that his persistence has paid off.”
Chairman of the Museum, Richard Brodie spoke with representatives of Dumfries and Galloway Police Service who arranged for the sign to be donated to the Museum.  “We’re going to be working with Gretna School on a local history project in the next few months so this is perfect time,” continued Judith, “We took a photo of Ian and Richard in the World War One Women’s Police Service display in the Museum although the sign is probably a lot older than that and we’re looking forward to researching it with the school children when we’re able.  Thanks to D&G Police for helping us to retain this piece of local history.”

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