Local Man Chris Thomson Runs 800 Miles To Raise Mental Health Awareness

In a remarkable display of resilience, Chris Thomson, a local resident of Loch Ken, has undertaken an extraordinary challenge to promote mental and physical health awareness. Following the tragic loss of a close friend to mental health issues last year, Chris ran an impressive 500 miles (804km) in December, building on his earlier achievement of completing a 300-mile run in November for Movember charity. This ambitious endeavour not only encourages open conversations about mental health but also addresses the heightened struggles of loneliness, anxiety, and depression often experienced during the festive season.


As of today, Chris has covered an astonishing 445.7 miles, with the remaining marathon scheduled for December 27th. The grand finale of his epic journey will conclude at The Lochinvar Hotel in St John’s Town of Dalry. All are invited to join Chris, run alongside him, gather at the pub, and share in the celebration of his monumental achievement.


Chris Thomson said “I have run with lots of different people over the challenge and it has been fascinating to hear everyone’s struggles no matter how big or small and that by sharing it takes a weight off their chest. Running not only helps with your physical health but also with your mental health by allowing the mind to be cleared. I hope to continue these challenges in the future”.


Over the course of these two months, Chris will have completed a staggering 800 miles (1,287km), including 5 half marathons, 13 marathons, and 5 ultramarathons, ranging from 33 miles (53km) to 60 miles (96km). Chris has split his running between Scotland and London where he is now based. The finale will feature an impressive feat of endurance—10 marathons in a row.


Chris invites everyone to follow his ambitious challenges and journey on social media. You can stay updated on his progress by following @TourDeThomo on Instagram and TikTok, as well as @tourdethom0 on Facebook.


In the spirit of fostering conversation around mental health, Chris hopes that his journey will inspire others to open up about their struggles, seek support, and collectively work towards encouraging people to talk.