Local Young People With ASN Create & Star In Video As Part Of National Campaign

Inspired Community Enterprise Trust Ltd, trading as The Usual Place café in Dumfries, has launched an insightful new video about Autism and working in Hospitality. Funded by Inspiring Scotland in partnership with the Scottish Government, the film supports the ‘Different Minds. One Scotland’ campaign.

The film tackles some of the myths that may make potential employers think the industry would not be a good fit for Autistic people.

One of the Trainees involved, Luke, said “There are Autistic people who can do really well in hospitality settings. It was really important to me that the film dispelled myths and showed Trainees doing lots of different jobs. I really enjoyed doing the myth busting film.”

Trainees created the storyboard and developed the script with Autism Awareness Officer Alison Ball, then worked with local Photographer Graham Edwards from G. E. Photography to learn filmmaking skills and create the finished product.

James, a Trainee at The Usual Place said “I really enjoyed learning to use the camera, and writing the script. Graham, who taught us to use the equipment, was amazing.”

The film has been launched on YouTube and across other social media platforms. It has already been shared to many other organisations by several national Autism charities, offering positive comments of support. At the end of the main video there is also a fun, short ‘making of’ highlighting the skills, abilities and talents of the Trainees involved.

Autism Awareness Officer Alison Ball said “Autistic People are highly capable of working successfully in hospitality, as witnessed in The Usual Place, coping with a busy café environment, taking on customer service roles and leading on projects. This film is the culmination of several months of planning, led by the Young People. We are delighted in the feedback that we have received on it so far.”


The video is part of www.differentminds.scot


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