Communities Join Forces To Keep Dumfries Path Open To All

A Dumfries cycling group is joining forces with local residents in an effort to keep the Maxwelltown path clear of encroaching vegetation. A band of volunteers will be heading out on the morning of Sunday 1st December armed with gardening tools to cut back brambles and clear grass in what is hoped will become a regular outing.

Local resident Richard Toulson, who uses the path daily to walk his dog, enlisted local campaign group Cycling Dumfries after he became concerned that the path was becoming narrower over the years. The well-used path, which is part of the UK-wide National Cycle Network, has become busier since the new hospital opened at the Garroch and is also popular with dog walkers, runners and even horse riders.

Mr Toulson said, “Over the years, and with the advent of the new hospital, I have seen an increase in traffic along the cycle path by so many different users and that is great. However, the edges of the path are not so great. I would like to trim them back and ensure the path is as wide as possible to make it as enjoyable as possible for all its users. The council are supportive but I need people to help so I’m happy Cycling Dumfries can help out.”

Sally Hinchcliffe, Convenor of Cycling Dumfries said, “the Maxwelltown path is a key link to the hospital and routes out west, and it’s important that it’s usable by everyone without conflict. When we cleared the railway station path last year we saw how paths can quickly get narrow due to grass and vegetation not being cut back. Tackling this now means our flagship cycle route will continue to be one of the most pleasant places to cycle, walk, or ride in the town and we’re happy to help out.”

Dumfries and Galloway council are supporting this initiative, which may become a monthly event if enough people are interested in taking part.

The first work party will meet at the cycle path at the junction with Terregles Road on the 1st December at 11am, to see what can be done in two hours. All volunteers are welcome and are asked to bring gloves and any gardening tools that might be useful.


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