Midpark Ward Staff Heap Praise As Local Camera Club Rises To Challenge 

A COLLABORATION between a ward at Midpark Hospital in Dumfries and a local camera club has resulted in new stimulating art for patients. 


The Glencairn Ward is one of six wards at Midpark Hospital, providing 15 beds for older adults who are experiencing difficulties with their current mental health which cannot be supported at home and so require hospital admission.


Senior Charge Nurse Claire Gabriel said: “Staff on the ward were keen to decorate its walls with art which would encourage conversation, and allow discussions about life experiences and memories, as well as hobbies and locations visited in the region.


“We all know how stimulating artwork can be for many of our patients, and it made sense to see if we could obtain attractive and engaging pictures that could take up a permanent place on the walls of the ward.”


It was a chance discussion between Claire Gabriel and Dumfries Camera Club Competition Secretary Ian Findlay, a partner at Findlay Design, that led to a project being undertaken by the wider camera club members.


Dumfries Camera club is a long-standing amateur photographic club that would normally meet at Gracefield Arts Centre between August and May.


Due to restrictions around lockdowns, they have continued to hold virtual meetings – but have arranged competitions and welcomed guest speakers on a Wednesday night throughout the pandemic.


The Camera Club members were happy to take on the challenge of creating new images to help decorate Glencairn Ward, providing an abundance of entries for the ward staff to choose from.


Ultimately, eight pictures were chosen, and Ian from Findlay Design supported staff by getting large canvases printed for the staff to hang within the ward.


Mr Findlay said: “The club were really happy to support this bid to create some original artwork for Glencairn Ward at Midpark Hospital, and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge which was put to them by the ward staff. 
“We had a huge number of entries, of fantastic quality, and the club is delighted that the some of that resulting work has now been selected and is providing talking points for patients and staff.” 


Claire has expressed huge gratitude to Dumfries Camera Club for what they undertook, and for the role played by Mr Findlay.


She said: “The pictures are stunning and have proven to be a huge success for both patients and staff.  
“Their comments when viewing some of the shots of life and nature include, ‘You can actually see what is happening at that time’,  ‘I just love looking at these pictures’, ‘Amazing’, ‘They stimulate conversation’ and ‘When I go back, I see something different every time’. 
Glencairn Ward at Midpark Hospital sees care provided by a wide range of multi-disciplinary team members. Staff also work in partnership with family and friends, to provide a high standard of patient-centred care. 





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