MSP Backs Thornhill Rail Station Bid

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Members of the Thornhill Station Action Group held a meeting with their MSP Oliver Mundell at the site of the former station.

They viewed the new Thornhill rail bridge installed by Network Rail last month and inspected the platforms which are still in place.

David Formstone, chair of the campaign, commented:

We are hoping that the new bridge will mark the first stage towards the re-opening of our station. We believe that we have a powerful case given the gap of 26 miles between the nearest stations. There is strong support from the communities across Mid-Nithsdale and from local schools and businesses. Plans for substantial new housing in the area will only increase the demand for easier access to rail travel.’

Dumfriesshire MSP Oliver Mundell is a longstanding supporter of the campaign. He has recently written to the Transport Minister and the chief executive of Transport Scotland urging them to back the proposal. He has also tabled a parliamentary question for the Minister.

Mr Mundell commented:

‘The case for train services to return to Mid-Nithsdale is stronger than ever with significant demand from Thornhill, surrounding villages and a wide rural catchment area.’
‘Efforts to cut carbon emissions, increase tourism and simply offer an alternative to driving long distances on busy roads such as the A76 make a new station a convincing proposition’.
‘A glance at the map clearly illustrates how re-opening Thornhill station would fill the geographical void in accessing the Nith Valley railway and the wider national and UK network’.

A decision is expected over the next couple of months from Transport Scotland around investing in the project.

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