New Social Opportunities For People With Hearing Loss

A local organisation for people with hearing loss is responding to challenges arising from the Covid 19 pandemic by launching  a series of new Brew ‘n Blether social group in Stranraer, Langholm and Dumfries

Dumfries & Galloway Hard of Hearing Group service coordinator Sian Bertram explained “During the worst of the pandemic many people with hearing loss experienced additional isolation mainly due to mask wearing, which meant they couldn’t hear what was being said and in addition, those who were unable to use the telephone were even more cut off”. She added “We know that some people with hearing loss find it easier to come together with others in the same position, not always to talk about hearing loss but sometimes just to have some social contact with someone who understands what it means to not hear so well”.

Funding from Agnes Hunter Trust and Alpha Solway has enabled the charity to launch a programme of get togethers across the Region, supported by a hearing loss specialist. Each group will be able to decide how it wants to work, how often it wants to meet and where.


It is envisaged that the groups will be a combination of social contact and a source of information from within the group and from external speakers as agreed.

The charity’s Chairwoman Ann Ferguson, who herself has a hearing loss stressed “I am not usually a group type of person, but I see the Brew ‘n Blether meetings as a place to relax with others who are not going to mind being asked to repeat something three times and also a place to access a wide range of information which can make life easier for people with hearing loss”. She added “I am looking forward to enjoying a cuppa and a blether with some others who understand what it’s been like over the past couple of years and anyone with a hearing loss is invited to pop along to any of the groups”.


The Dumfries & Galloway Hard of Hearing Group’s aim is to help and Dumfries & Galloway Hard of Hearing Group operates hearing aid care and maintenance clinics across the region delivered by over 40 trained volunteers. They also provide a home visit and care home hearing aid maintenance service, lip reading classes and on-line training on deaf awareness and hearing aid maintenance.

Brew ‘n Blether groups meet in  –

The Buccleuch Centre, Langholm on the first Thursday of each month from 10.30am – 12.30pm.

The North West Resource Centre, Dumfries on the third Thursday of each month fro10.30am – 12.30pm.


The Millennium Centre in Stranraer on the second Thursday of each month from 10.30am – 12.30pm

More details are  available on the Dumfries and Galloway Hard of Hearing Group Website.

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