Nith Inshore Rescue Issue Urgent Call for Donations to Save Lives

An urgent appeal has been launched for 600 core supporters made up of individuals and companies to signed up to small regular donations averaging just £5 per month to keep Nith Inshore rescue afloat.


Dumfries and Upper Solway area – Nith Inshore Rescue leading independent lifeboat charity committed to saving lives from water, is facing a critical funding shortage that threatens its life-saving operations. As

Dumfries’s primary provider of vital lifeboat rescue services, the charity urgently appeals to the community, businesses, and compassionate individuals to rally together and support their efforts by making generous donations.


Nith Inshore Rescue depends on the kind and generous support of all those who donate and grant monies to us. As an independent lifeboat, we are a family that makes up around a quarter of all Lifeboats in the UK and Ireland; we are also one of just three in the South of Scotland, which boasts half of all independent lifeboats in Scotland. Being an independent, wholly volunteer-run Lifeboat comes with its challenges, one of which can be our visibility to raise funds in the shadow of our friends in RNLI.

Gwilym Gibbons, Treasurer Nith Inshore Rescue said: “I would like to thank all those who continue to donate and support us. The individuals and companies who make regular donations and in particular St
Michael’ Services and Premier Taxes who donate fuel for our boats and vehicles, without your support we would not be here today. Regrettably, in recent years we have seen like many charities a 40% drop in donations and a significant rise in running costs due to inflation pressures and ageing equipment requiring additional maintenance. We are actively seeking grant support to replace our ageing Land Rover and undertake a major refit St John our larger lifeboat to ensure we stay safe and on service as well all reduce costs of maintenance. This ask and urgent appeal is for help with annual running costs such as, insurance, our pager system to callout crew, electricity, gas and crew equipment and supplies. Together this adds up to around £35,000 per year to keep Nith Inshore Rescue afloat”.
Gwilym Gibbons, added: “We are asking people to help us is by making regular small donations. A monthly donation of between just £2 and £8 by around 600 individuals and companies will cover all our annual running costs. We appeal to all those that can help to sign up through JustGiving. It’s easy to donate. Just CLICK HERE , then click the donate button top right on the page and choose monthly donation, you can be signed up in minutes”.

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