Ruthwell Highland Performing Siblings ‘REEL’Y Need Your Vote

During lockdown sister and brother Niamh ( 13yrs ) and Curran (16yrs) Stainthorpe, who live in Ruthwell village, Dumfries and Galloway,  combined their efforts to say “Thank you” to the NHS, key workers and carers as well as entertain the village residents with a highland performance each week.

Niamh has entered their photo into a highland dance memory competition, as she loved when they team up and entertained everyone while saying Thank you. The duo would greatly appreciated your help by giving them a LIKE on the photo by clicking HERE

Curran who plays with Dumfries pipe band, piped each week as Niamh danced a variety of highland and national dances. They performed the Highland fling, Highland Laddie, Flora MacDonalds fancy, The Lilt, Blue Bonnets, Sailors Hornpipe and the Irish Jig.

Curran has been piping for 4 years, playing with the Dumfries pipe band. He pipes with the band at the many local events such as the Guid Nychburris, Annan ROM, The Red hot chilli pipers, as well as the competition events. He is also a piper with the Dumfries & Galloway school band which is instructed through The South west of Scotland Piping and Drumming Academy tutors. With them gaining their first Championship place 2 years ago.

Niamh has been highland dancing for 8 years, she attends the Louise Smith school of Highland dancing in Dumfries. Starting to compete just before her 5th birthday.  Niamh travels throughout Scotland and England to compete as well as dancing in local displays, fundraisers and shows as part of the dance school team. Niamh has enjoyed many success while competing. Being one of the Dumfries & Galloway Regional representatives at the Highlands & Islands Music and dance festival, winning her first Championship in Vancouver Canada along with many local competition wins.

Both having enjoyed many years of their hobby and decided to join together for the first time to give something back and say thank you. Each week they decided on a new performance which Curran would learn for that Thursday evening, as piping for highland dancing involved new tunes for him.

Once rehearsed they would perform during the big clap each Thursday evening, much to the delight of the local residents in the village who would come to watch. The video was then upload for others to enjoy on the DGWGO site.

Your votes in support of them would be much appreciated as the competition closes on Saturday 20th February 2021. To Vote Please Click HERE