Solway Support Complete ‘Walk 100 Miles in March’ To Raise Funds for DGMHA

Solway Support is a local organisation in Dumfries that support adults with learning difficulties to reach their potential. They offer individual tailored support packages to help service users achieve their own goals within a safe environment. Solway support delivers many activities to their attendees such as cooking skills, sports, learning skills around the home and much more.

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During March 2023, the staff and service users at Solway Support participated in the challenge ‘Walk 100 miles in March’ to raise funds for Dumfries & Galloway Mental Health Association.

As a group, the total miles walked all together was a whopping 767 miles, which is a huge achievement. The total current funds raised is £270 but the Just Giving page is still open for anybody that would like to donate to congratulate the team’s efforts and show support for Dumfries & Galloway Mental Health Association.

Solway Support is fundraising for Dumfries & Galloway Mental Health Association (justgiving.com) Representatives from DGMHA met with the group from Solway Support at the Crichton grounds to give a big thank you and to present everyone with specialised printed t-shirts to celebrate their achievement.

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