Temporary Homes Needed For Trainee Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs has launched an appeal to find volunteers in Dumfries who can give a loving home to a future guide dog.

The charity is seeking fosterers to look after trainee guide dogs for up to 12 weeks at a time.

During the week the dog attends training during the day so volunteers provide a relaxed environment for them in the evenings and over the weekend. Anyone applying must live in Dumfries itself.

Local volunteer Karen Priestly has been fostering for Guide Dogs since 2014 and has spoken of the benefits. She said: “Fostering has been a good way for us to be able to have a dog around our other commitments. We look after them during the evenings and at weekends, so it gives us the flexibility to be able to do what we want. We haven’t had to give anything up.”
Karen’s latest foster dog is golden retriever, Oryia. Karen says: “She’ll fall asleep under the table in a cafe. When we get up to leave, people always comment that they didn’t know she was there.”
Karen’s previous foster dog, Ollie, ended up staying longer than anticipated. She said: “We were fostering Ollie and then lockdown happened so he stayed with us for a few months. He really became part of the family.”
Karen admits it is difficult to say goodbye but says: “I feel really proud of them and know they are going on to help someone. It’s amazing to watch them change as they go through their training.”

To find out more and apply, visit www.guidedogs.org.uk/volunteering or call 0345 143 0191.

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