Throwing for a Cause: Greens Darts Team in Dumfries Takes Aim at Prostate Cancer

On March 22nd-23rd, 2024, the Greens darts team, in Dumfries, is spearheading a 24-hour dart marathon fundraiser for Prostate Cancer UK.

Throughout the 24-hour marathon, the event will feature various games, raffles, and other activities, all aimed at raising as much money as possible for Prostate Cancer UK. However, the organizers emphasize the importance of community support in reaching their target of £1,000.

Every donation, no matter the amount, will significantly contribute to the fight against this disease.

Team member Michael Dunsire told DGWGO “It all started around 2 years ago now when I and some friends moved to Dumfries to study primary teaching at university. We had always watched darts but then decided to invest in a miniature darts board for the university accommodation. And ever since then, it hasn’t stopped – going to see darts live, creating a university league, and now starting our own darts team out of Greens.”

Michael continued “Despite some of the team being double his age none of us are going to be the next Luke Littler but this allows us to put our questionable ability to good use. Every individual involved will have different stories and reasons for wanting to support this great charity. During the Darts World Championships, Prostate Cancer UK did a great job using the platform to raise awareness and highlighted why although making great progress they still need continued support. 1 in 8 men in the UK will get Prostate Cancer and that’s why it is vital that men do the 30-second prostate cancer risk check available online as those involved in the marathon will all complete in the lead up to the fundraiser. With just under two months until the event we will keep people updated with what to expect on the days on Greens social media platforms.”

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Liam Logue, representing Greens Sports Bar, is enthusiastic about the initiative, stating, “Here at Greens we have strived to demonstrate our commitment to charity. In the past, we have helped raise funds via hosting Quizzes and Race Nights for well-known charities such as SiMBA, as well as donating numerous prizes and gifts to other charitable causes. By aligning with Prostate Cancer UK, we not only elevate the significance of its event but also contribute to a cause that affects countless lives. Beyond the thrill of the dart games, the marathon serves as a platform to educate patrons about prostate cancer and the need for regular screenings. It exemplifies how businesses can play a pivotal role in societal well-being by leveraging their spaces for meaningful activities. In a world often defined by entertainment, Green’s hopes to stand out by blending leisure with a sense of responsibility, fostering a community that not only plays together but also cares together.”