Kirkcudbright Rotary Club Holds Successful ‘Youth Speaks’ Event for Primary Schools

Kirkcudbright Rotary Club recently held its annual ‘Youth Speaks’ event for Primary Schools.

Students from five primary schools, all partner Primary Schools of Kirkcudbright Academy, took part.

Speaking for between three and five minutes each, the fourteen students took part in front of an appreciative audience of teachers, parents and Rotarians, all seated in the main hall in Kirkcudbright Primary School. The students bravely spoke on diverse topics including the Environment, Natural disasters, Henry VIII and this three wives, Harry Kane, World War II, Crocs, Monkeys, Dogs, Swimming, Skiing, and Cycle safety.

Three Rotarians, namely Louise Finch, John Johnson and Gerry Hassan, acted as assessors on the night. They gave brief but meaningful and helpful advice to each of the speakers before finally declaring which talk had been their favourite talk. Each of the chosen three students, Calli (Farming), Loic (Lego) and Isis (Our Sheep) were awarded £10 book tokens.

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