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DGWGO is very much a digital community that reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month, through blog content, events calendars, newsletters and social media interaction – all over the world!

The vast majority of the content is created by our digital community and we are always keen to welcome new contributors.

Contributing to DGWGO.com can be a great way to get your event, hobby, community project, talent or local news seen by literally thousands of people and our “Featured Articles” provide a dynamic way to showcase your talent. Currently we have Featured Artists, Chefs, Bands and Photographers and we are always looking for new articles.

So what’s in it for you?


DGWGO.com allows you to reach potentially thousands and thousands of people who live in, or just love, or want to find out more about, or are coming on holiday to our beautiful Dumfries and Galloway Area! You see, your article can contain links back to your own website and Social Media accounts.

We can also add embedded YouTube clips and Soundcloud files.


So why would I contribute?

Maybe you have come across an old picture that you feel the DGWGO audience would love. Here is a great example sent in by Mark Harris, Business Development Manager at Grierson & Graham in Dumfries.

Maybe there is a project happening near you which you feel people just need to know about. Here is a great example sent in by DGWGO Friend Anna Louise Adair

Maybe you have a passion that is truly unique and you simply want more people to know about it. Here is a great example of local Torchwood fanatic D J Forest.

Maybe you are about to undertake a real life challenge for no personal benefit but just to make a difference to someone. Here is a great example of a guest blog by Jamie Farquhar who undertook a grueling physical and emotional charity challenge following the passing of a man he considered himself lucky to have known.

Maybe you are an aspiring photographer or writer and you wan’t people to see your skills but finding it difficult to break into your industry.

There are many benefits in choosing to contribute to the DGWGO digital community – we simply provide the opportunity to get your message out there.


So what do we require?

please note: we define an article as anything you can find on our blog pages.

Articles must be unique and created purely for the purpose of being published on DGWGO.com. This means they must not be re-published anywhere else on the internet and the ownership of articles passes to DGWGO.com. The main reason for this is because search engines will rank websites lower if they are found to contain duplicate content.

Articles may be edited. Please don’t be offended if we suggest any changes or add any relevant links.

Any images must either be your own work, licenced for us to use or have the written permission of the owner. Unlike our articles we never ask for any exclusive use of images and they will always remain the copyright of the owner.

We will refuse any article which appears to be an advertisement or not relevant to the DGWGO community.


Interested?  – Let’s Chat


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