300 Children Participate in Dumfries Day of Dance

The recent Day of Dance Jigs and Reels Festival saw more than 300 children from 10 local primary schools participating.

The pupils performed traditional Scottish dances, including the Dashing White Sergeant, Canadian Barn Dance, the Flying Scotsman, and more.

The event at St Joseph’s College was supported by the Dumfries branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society [RSCDS], with help from St Joseph’s College sports leaders, Jane Riddet [RCDS] calling the dances, accordianist Willie McRobert, and pipers Curran and Jake.

Councilor Jeff Leaver, chair of the Education and Learning committee, said: “This event demonstrates the enthusiasm that pupils have for Scottish country dancing. Well done to all the children who took part and enjoyed this fun morning of dancing and thanks to all involved in making the event such a huge success.”
Councillor Ros Surtees, vice chair, said: This was a hugely enjoyable event with lots of children participating Thank you to the local RSCDS branch, staff and school sports leaders for making it happen.”


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