Yellow Door’s Art Market Move for Dumfries High Street

The Yellow Door Art Gallery are making a grand move to integrate art within our high street market!  Rocking their arty awesomeness they’ll be  appearing first Saturday of each month on Dumfries Market to unveil some of their treasures and creative treats.


The hope that our wonderful community becomes a thriving hub of artistic creation is never lost!  With dedicated volunteers who are really working to boost our weekends we can see Dumfries becoming a thriving hub of creativity.


Yellow Door volunteer Sidney Stark expressed her enthusiasm with the project, saying,

“It will be a mad panic at first I’m sure – we’re still getting to grips with things and deciding what we’ll do with our market presence.  After our success with Dumfries Art Trail last month we had some discussion and decided we’d like to do it again… and again.  It’s about making the most of the summer too!”


That’s a good point!  Making the most of the summer while we have one is bound to be a good move.  We’re hoping many more local businesses can rack their brains to champion the high street space in a similar vein…  And after all, we must provide decent art and entertainment in the town centre to entertain the seagulls… of course.
Market Manager Mr. Shep Weiss added,
“I’m really pleased to see things like this happening.  They approached the market with enthusiasm and we’re glad to assist them with anything they need.  I’m actually looking forward to see what they do with their monthly slot.  Hopefully it will encourage others to do the same.”


So, to summarise, watch this space in our local market place!… Our Saturdays seem to be getting interesting!



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