Art of Science and Nature Exhibition Tolbooth: Kirkcudbright

If you have ever wondered what a multiverse or Misner universe might look like then make sure you visit the exhibition of work by artist, Jean Harlow, in Kirkcudbright.

Visitors will be treated to a fascinating show of a broad range of scientific concepts illustrated as paintings in oil, ink, watercolours as well as modelled assemblages.

After being delayed due to the impact of the pandemic, Tolbooth: Kircudbright welcomes this exciting new exhibition, with the body of work including the Butterfly Effect, metamorphosis and virtual realities. The showing includes approximately 40 pieces of work of work created over the past decade and throughout lockdowns.

‘The Butterfly Effect’ by Jean Harlow

Jean said: “I am fascinated by science and nature. I can paint plants and animals realistically, which I do, and some of these paintings are shown in the exhibition. But I am also interested in exploring scientific concepts such as metamorphosis, virtual realities and interconnectedness. I use my representational drawing skills to depict these concepts in a more conceptual or abstracted way’.

The exhibition includes a series of seven paintings called butterfly dreaming. Each takes a colour of the spectrum. ‘ I was thinking about the caterpillars in their cocoons changing into butterflies and what might be going through their consciousness at that time – like a dream. I tried to show this in the painting’.

Using the traditional media of oils and watercolours, pencil and ink, Jean expresses through her incredible eye for detail these scientific concepts. The exhibition includes curved canvases and assemblages made from recycled computer innards with the titles ‘Internet Piracy’, and ‘Internet Browsing’. Jean includes an explanation of each piece to describe her thinking about the scientific concepts involved and to explain the artistic processes.

The Art of Science and Nature exhibition runs from September 29th to October 16th.

Entrance to the exhibition is free as part of a visit to Tolbooth. Kirkcudbright.

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