Theatre Company seeking young people for show this July at the Theatre Royal Dumfries

Bunbury Banter Black Roses Theatre Royal Dumfries

Bunbury Banter seek local cast and creative team for their production of Black Roses this July.

Written by Simon Armitage, Black Roses is an elegy to Sophie Lancaster who was brutally murdered in 2007. Exploring Sophie’s life, the play gives voice to those of us who appear ‘different’ and questions how often we judge on appearance. It will be presented alongside reflections created by the local cast, exploring what lessons can be learned and how even today, hate crimes come in many forms.

The award-winning theatre company creating this production are looking for people aged 16-24 to get involved, inviting them to be both cast and production team, working with theatre professionals from across the UK.

Ali Anderson-Dyer, Director and co-founder of Bunbury Banter, said: “We are thrilled to be following up on the successes that our previous project ‘Blackout’ had in 2017, where the young people involved not only made a powerful and brilliant show, but were also profoundly and positively affected by the project.”
“This year, we are looking for a new group of young people from in or around Dumfries, who want to get involved and inviting them for a Creative Meeting or Casting Workshop, to meet us and learn more about the show”

Bunbury Banter are specialists in new and experimental theatre. They have recently produced Blackout and the A Play, A Poet and A Pastry series in Dumfries to much acclaim. They are amidst three theatrical projects for Dumfries and Galloway in 2019, Black Roses being the first.

Lyndsay Walker, Marketing and Communications Officer for the Theatre Royal, said: “We are delighted to be once again working alongside Bunbury Banter Theatre Company in their new young person’s project, Black Roses.”

Black Roses is being supported by the Holywood Trust and D&G Arts Live.

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