Castle Loch’s Palette of Possibilities



Castle Loch Lochmaben Community Trust would like to invite you to Castle Loch’s first art competition on Saturday, 28th May 2016.

It is time to dust down your sketch pads and come along and enjoy a day of painting, sketching, and colouring.


Darren Flint, Project Officer at Castle Loch, told DGWGO Arts News

“With 3-miles of footpaths, sweeping loch views, acres of woodlands, sculptures and a castle, you will be spoilt for subjects to draw or paint.’


There are three categories: Adult (£5), 12-16yrs (£2), under 12 (free). Registration opens at 9.30am with judging from 3pm. From 10am there is also a children’s art activity and walk leaving from Lochfield Cottage, bringing to life the colours and textures in the surrounding woodland.


Even if you’re not an artist, still pop along for a walk around the loch side paths and enjoy some refreshments available at Lochfield Cottage.”


For more information and registration form please see the Events page at www.castleloch.org.uk, our Facebook page (Castlelochlochmaben), pop into Lochfield Cottage or phone 07971790847.

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