Heather Dickinson a mum and artist from Kirkcown, Dumfries and Galloway Contacted DGWGO recently, to see if we could ask YOU to give her some ideas of local places for her to capture in her work. Heather said:-


“Hi there, my name is Heather Dickinson and I am from Kirkcowan in Wigtownshire, Dumfries and Galloway.  This year I have started out in the art world trading as Down To Earth Artwork, trying hard to make a living for myself and my family. You may have seen me at the Wigtown Spring Kist and the Newton Stewart Mayfayre, and some of my work was shown in the “open exhibition” at Harbour Cottage Gallery, Kirkcudbright. I will be returning to Harbour Cottage Gallery for their Summer, Autumn and Easter exhibitions and have stalls coming up in various locations including Portpatrick, Whithorn Trail and the Wigtown Show.


Over the upcoming months I will be building up a portfolio of drawings of landmarks, buildings, wildlife and flowers throughout Dumfries and Galloway to enter into competitions and to sell both online and at fairs. I will obviously start within my local area of Kirkcowan and Newton Stewart spreading to Stranraer area and down Dumfries way. Any ideas always welcome as I am not well travelled so I am most familiar with my own wee area but would love to get into the wee areas that are forgotten about throughout the region. You can contact Heather on her facebook page HERE

The latest competition I have entered is “Art Rooms 2017”.  The prize is a free hotel room in the Melia White House Hotel in London for 4days to display your artwork for sale to clients and curators attending the massive event.  There will be around 70 artists chosen to take part from around the world including the top public vote from their website. My plan if I were to win is to take the beauty of our region to London through my drawings.


I have submitted an example of my work to their website, www.art-rooms.org/2017-artists/ , under the section “Drawing” where all members of the public can go on without registering and rate the artwork out of 5 stars. My example is not a local drawing but is an excellent example of what I am capable of. It is called “Protected” and is an A2 pencil drawing of 2 adult elephants with 2 young elephants.


I would very much appreciate as much support as possible to try to reach my goal and many thanks to everyone who has already rated my work online.

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