Dumfries Artist Marks The Anniversary Of Lockdown

Dumfries based artist, Peter Smith, has teamed up with The Stove Network in their creative response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Atlas Pandemica. His new project called Beauty in the Broken, launches today, marking the one year anniversary of the first nationwide lockdown.

Peter and his team have been hard at work creating six ‘zen gardens’ at strategic locations around the town. Each garden has its own volunteer gardener to tend and develop the display to reflect their mood and the atmosphere of the day.

Peter said, “We invite you to take part by coming to see the gardens and reflect on the effects the pandemic has had on our town.  We’re trying to help people ask questions about how we heal after this crisis, and are the scars left something to hide or wear with pride? As we recover it’s a time of healing and opens opportunities to build better.
I’m inviting people to visit the sites and ask a few questions of themselves, such as:
  • How can new patterns, rituals and habits help us?
  • Is there beauty in the way we heal?
  • How can we embrace brokenness and imperfection?
  • What have we found out about ourselves during the past year?
Each garden will change daily, as our volunteers express themselves, so why not take a walk every day along the route to see how they change?”

The gardens are located at:

  • Dumfries Railway Station
  • Dumfries Council Building
  • Ewart Library
  • Dumfries Rowing Club
  • Dumfries Museum & Camera Obscura
  • The Dock Park Band Stand

More details are on Peter’s website: https://ptrasmith.com/Beauty-in-the-Broken and for anyone who isn’t able to visit the sites, pictures will be uploaded there throughout the period of the project: 23rd March – 11th April.

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