An Evening of Fairtrade and fashion
Cash for trash is the theme of a spectacular charity evening at the Yellow Door in Dumfries.
In an unusual evening of Fairtrade, fashion and food, the work of Zimbabwean artists and craft workers will be on display at the Dumfries studio as well as a fashion show which will include garments made out of recycled and upcycled material by the Lynde Francis Trust, a charity helping Zimbabwean artists and craft workers to support themselves and orphans in their care. Designers from the region will also be showcasing their talents in fabric and clothing.

Lynde Francis Trust gives added value to the slogan “cash for trash”. Working with designers and small income-generating groups and with the environment and recycling as a strong element, the trust provides a platform for creation, innovation and sustainability.
The trust has gone as far as creating a range of recycling bins that are being used in schools and businesses to allow end users access to clean waste and to separate at source re-usable materials.
Working closely with HELP Germany, Oasis, Friendship Bench Project, Shingarirai Trust and many others now spanning the Southern Region of Africa, the trust aims to gain access to the market for the small groups of economically vulnerable people who are producing beautiful design-led items as well as seeking to encourage new designers to work with them.
Strong partnerships with organisations such as Environment Africa are helping with the distribution of clean waste and the education of those using it thereby making a sustainable base for future designers, creators and our planet.
The event takes place on Wednesday, October 17, at 7.30pm at the Queen Street gallery.
Space will be limited so tickets (via donation and which include refreshments, the fashion show and a buffet supper) should be applied for in advance from the Yellow Door.Phone 01387 259338
Proceeds of the evening will go the Lynde Frances Trust.
● The Wildlight exhibition of contemporary art inspired by wildlife, in glass, bronze, paint and print continues at the Yellow Door until October 11. this is a chance to see the extraordinary works of Dumfries and Galloway wildlife artists Amanda Simmons, Elizabeth Waugh, Lisa Hooper, Colin Blanchard, Keith Brown and John Threlfall all under one roof.

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