1 a 1 a h27The Latest DGWGO featured artist is ‘Helen Foster’ a pastel artist born, bred and educated in the Muckle Toon . Helen is our Miss July, and here is the her story and some examples of her work that she has very kindly shared with DGWGO for you to all see .

Helen Told DGWGO –

” I am a self taught pastel artist based in Langholm, Dumfriesshire.”

“I have always had a passion for drawing but over the years ‘living life’ got in the way and I only returned back to my pastel drawing last October, 25 years after leaving  Secondary School Langholm Academy, before which I attended  Langholm Primary School as a Young child .  ”
“When I initially started drawing again I started doing  a few family portraits, then the family pets were next.  After sharing these first pictures on Facebook I was asked if I would do some commission work.”



“Ever since that day I have been getting regular commissions to draw  everything from  pets to scenery to buildings.  Although I have to add,  pets do seem to be the most popular.
Many people ask me how long it takes to do a pastel drawing?  Well that’s the big question it can take anything from 6 hours to 15 hours it purely depends on the picture subject.
I do love a challenge and spend most of my weekends drawing pastel on paper which makes it hard to get out and about.  However, I do make the effort of having some free weekends so I can  take a trip out in the region and just get snap happy with my camera.”
“Most of the scenes I have drawn  are local to me in  Langholm,  but, I do hope to get out more into the wider region and be inspired to draw other places.”

“I have also just published a 2015 calendar of some of my work which is on sale now , this can be ordered by contacting me on my website at http://www.helenspastelportraits.co.uk/home.html ”
” Things are becoming very exciting for me  as I am receiving more and more interest in my art work with more commissions being booked………….who knows what the future may bring? ”
You can find out more about Helen by following her on her Facebook page  at www.facebook.com/helenspastelportraits


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