Get Creative – Chance to Join a Highly Praised Youth Drama Group

Young people from the Thornhill area are being offered the chance to get involved with a fun and inspirational theatre group.

Bunbury Banter’s Scottish Young Theatre Group (SYTG) is opening up the list for places in its 2018-19 sessions, which begin in May. Anyone wanting to get involved sooner can sign up in the remaining 2017-18 sessions (see below for details).

The company, known for its dedication to quality and professionalism, moved from London to Dumfries and Galloway three years ago.

SYTG students enjoy a weekly programme of activities including drama games and exercises to help develop confidence and performance skills. They also put together their own stage, video or sound productions. Ali and Phillip Anderson-Dyer, the husband and wife team who run Bunbury Banter, also bring in trained specialists from different areas of the arts to teach, talk and help with projects.

According to Ali SYTG brings all sorts of benefits: “The arts provide the chance to develop communication skills, they inspire self-expression and creativity, and instill self-confidence and self-esteem. They also develop an understanding and empathy towards others and the world around us.
“SYTG teaches skills that help young people in every area of life, work or education. Just having a bit more personal confidence and some presentational abilities can make all the difference – for example if you are going for a university or job interview.
“Bunbury Banter has a long and successful track record in creating new and original work, sometimes starring famous names, and also in developing young people. We make the most of our expertise to offer young people an experience that is really fun and fulfilling.”

Bunbury Banter are specialists in new and experimental theatre and recently produced Blackout to much acclaim, worked on the National Theatre of Scotland’s Five-Minute Festival, and created a web-based audio production called Mortar which starred Timothy West, Prunella Scales and Nichola McAuliffe.

Parents and students alike are full of praise for Bunbury Banter.

Cathy Bussetti said: “My children benefited immensely from their time at Bunbanter.”
Former student Solange, currently studying English and History at Leeds University, added: “The classes are so much fun, you learn so much about drama, theatre and yourself and generally just grow.
“Having those lessons made me more confident and articulate. It definitely influenced where I am today in terms of having the confidence to put myself up for different kinds of jobs and leadership roles and applying for universities.
“Ali and Phil are wonderful people who go above and beyond for their students and really truly care about their development.”

Since coming to Dumfries and Galloway Bunbury Banter has been at the heart of a number of high profile projects including A Play, a Poet and a Pastry – four evenings of world-premiere professional theatre and new poetry at the Theatre Royal in Dumfries.

  • SYTG meets weekly and there are groups for 11-15 year olds and for young adults aged 16 and over.
  • For further information about SYTG email [email protected] and see the website at http://www.bunbanter.com.
  • The final 2017-18 term starts on 16 April. There will be two special sessions led by Roanna Davidson who has appeared on stage with the National Theatre of Scotland in Glasgow Girls. Roanna will be getting the annual media project underway which this year will be about mockumentaries.

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