Local Children Help A’ the Airts Community Art Centre Celebrate 10th Anniversary

What better way to celebrate A’ the Airts Community Art Centre’s 10th anniversary, than with the wonderful opportunity for community engagement with the local children of Upper Nithsdale.

This can be seen in the display on the High Street of Sanquhar in the Art Centre’s Victorian themed Christmas windows, as the decorations are made by Sanquhar and Kelloholm Primary Schools.

Also a Christmas card competition was open to all young people of Upper Nithsdale, and entries were asked to base their design on the story of ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens.  Copies of the book were given to each participant to help create a Victorian themed Christmas card using the wonderful ghostly tale as inspiration.

The following winners received a gift card and their artwork published into printed greeting cards for the Centre’s craft shop.

Please visit www.atheairts.org.uk or see @AtheAirtsCommunityArtsCentre Facebook to view all of the entries.

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