National Culture Strategy Discussed at Public Event in Dumfries

On Thursday 6th September, the Stove Network, 100 High Street, Dumfries will host a public consultation session on the Draft Culture Strategy by Scottish Government. The event will encourage individuals to contribute and generate group discussion on the way culture and creativity is part of our society and community and anyone with an interest in this is encouraged to come along and have their say.


Since the beginning of 2018, the Scottish Government has been consulting with the people of Scotland on their ideas and aspirations for a National Culture Strategy. This is not simply about the ‘arts’, rather it includes heritage and cultural activity of all kinds and aims to build an understanding of the value of culture as something that should play a part right across the spectrum of society. At the end of June this year, the Scottish Government published a draft of the Cultural Strategy and have asked people to comment on it and contribute ideas for practical activity that will put the Strategy into real and useful action for communities.


Matt Baker of The Stove commented: “Unfortunately many people have developed the view that ‘culture’ is something that some people ‘do’ and other people ‘watch’…or that it is ‘not for them’. The idea of a national Culture Strategy is an important opportunity to challenge that idea and instead see culture as something that is a ‘human right’ – something that we are all making all of the time. Taking part is a vital means for how we understand ourselves and each other – as well as creating many, many opportunities for people to grow skills and their life choices.”


The consultation event being held at the Stove Network begins at 6.30pm and is a fully public event and open to everyone from any walk of life. The event will start with an introductory talk by Gwilym Gibbons who is currently CEO of the Crichton Trust and previously has headed up major cultural projects in Perth and the Shetland Islands. Afterwards attendees will be invited to take part in two facilitated workshops; one looking at the content of the draft strategy and the other to gather ideas for ways that the Culture Strategy could be delivered practically in our region and beyond.


The event is free but spaces are limited. Please reserve your place by emailing [email protected]


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