Picture This – Logan Botanic Garden Hosts Local Artistry 

Scenes on the Southwest Coast just got a lot more enchanting. With his first ever exhibition underway, Peter Lamb, a local artist based in Drummore, is thrilled to have his passion for nature and wildlife on show for all to see. The showcase, running until the end of August, includes acrylic pieces on display and for sale at Logan Botanic Garden’s Discovery Centre. With no additional admission required upon the normal entry, everyone is welcome for viewings.

Only in recent years has Peter’s love for painting grown, he explained: “I moved to Drummore from Manchester after 25 years of working in the local Government. I had never painted before moving here but, being an outdoor person, had to find a hobby to keep me occupied during our first winter.” It wasn’t long until people started to pick up on his talent: “A neighbour suggested that I attend an art class run locally and that’s how I started. 
“I paint with acrylics because I was told they were easiest for a beginner, and I have found that they very much suited to the photographic style of painting that I seem to have developed. 
“I am a real nature lover, so that’s what I focused on painting in the beginning. Now I’ve developed a real passion for painting wildlife and there is plenty of local wildlife to keep me inspired. I was also keen to include several local landscapes and botanical works for this exhibition.” 
Being a regular visitor to the Garden, Peter has hopes that his work will encourage others to visit and embrace the tropical surroundings: “The Garden is a wonderfully calming place for my partner and I – as members, we quite often visit to relax and unwind. 
“I am also a keen gardener myself so I love seeing all the rare and unusual plants. The Garden is always full of birdlife and of course the koi carp and red squirrels which I could sit and watch for hours. If my exhibition encourages people to visit Logan and this lovely part of Scotland again then it will have been a success.” 

Named Which Magazines best garden in the UK, Logan Botanic Garden is home to many plant species originating from the Southern Hemisphere, it has had a number of exhibitions throughout the years, including The Life of George Forrest, Jackie Robert’s Metal Work and the Vietnam fieldwork exhibition.

Curator, Richard Baines, spoke of his fondness and excitement in seeking out local talent: “We love reaching out to support local artists. We came across Peter’s portraits and landscapes and immediately saw that he’s very talented, we’re delighted to be his first exhibition! Peter’s work has photographic like qualities and has already generated lots of interest and local support, he deserves the high praise and attention for his talent.” 

With Logan Botanic Garden being one of the Regional Gardens of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE), it cultivates some of the most beautiful and endangered species of plants from Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan, among many others. With this value for local artists as well as botany and horticulture, the Garden covers a variety of interests for all visitors alike.


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