Primary Pupils Postcards Are ‘Sew’ Cool

Sewing a postcard is not as daft as it sounds just ask the children at New Abbey, Kirkbean, Colvend and Beeswing Primary Schools.  All week they have been busy learning to sew postcards under the watchful eye of the Quilters of Shambellie.


Each pupil was asked to sew a small patch the size of a postcard with a Christmas tree and then decorate it themselves.  At the end they had to iron them flat to create the finished article.


Mrs Helen Anderson, Head Teacher of New Abbey and Kirkbean schools said

“What a resounding success your visits were.  The children thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a great deal”
Joanne Harris at Colvend School added “We had a lovely afternoon and the children loved it”.


The children were able to use sewing machines from Shambellie House provided with the support of Dumfries & Galloway Council.


Organising the event was Ann Hill of the Quilters of Shambellie

“We just had so much fun as the children took to sewing like ducks to water.  Concentration was high while they learned how to use the sewing machine and the iron.  Some of the boys thought they were driving racing cars!  So, enjoyment yes but they were also learning skills that will live with them forever.”


All the postcards will be on display at Shambellie House during the Quilt Festival from Friday 23rd September until Sunday 9th October open every day from 10.00 until 16.00.  The exhibition will also include international quilts alongside those from local quilters in southwest Scotland and even some from Cumbria.


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