Sanquhar’s A’ the Airts Patchwork Group Make Precious Gifts

For the last few weeks, the A’ the Airts quilters club has been collaborating on a heartwarming project. They have been creating small patchwork pieces for the baby unit at Dumfries hospital.

These handmade treasurers are placed into the incubators of premature newborns, providing them with comfort during their stay. Once the babies are discharged, they get to take these sweet keepsakes home with them.

Mrs Elizabeth Williamson, the dedicated volunteer leader of this group, expressed her gratitude towards her talented team. She acknowledged their hard work and dedication, which has enabled them to provide these precious items to the neonatal unit. These patchwork blankets not only offer something unique for each bed they are also a special gift for their families to cherish.

The weekly patchwork classes are held every Tuesday 1-4pm at 8-16 High Street DG4 6BL.

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