Seascapes & Dumfries Architecture Feature In New Photography Exhibition At The Stove

Hidden Dumfries, a new exhibition of photographs, featuring the work of former lecturer, David Moyes, will open in The Stove Cafe in the town centre on Monday 20th February.

The 40 or so pictures in the exhibition show a different perspective on local architecture, and the movement of the water around the beaches of Dumfries and Galloway.

“I think the photographs reveal aspects of our buildings and our beaches which are perhaps less often noticed,” says David. “Hopefully, there will be a few familiar features in the exhibition as well as some subjects that are more surprising.”

All David’s photographs are available for a donation of £50 each and the money raised will go to support the charity Suicide Bereavement Support (SBS) for Cumbria and the surrounding areas.

“I’ve put together the exhibition to help a charity that helped me and my family and I want to make people in this area aware of the help and support that is available,” says David. “I am very grateful to the team at The Stove Cafe for their ideas and hospitality and also want to thank the three key sponsors of Hidden Dumfries: Dumfries Camera Club; Dumfries Devorgilla Rotary Club; and The People’s Project. I really hope that, together, we can raise a significant amount of money for an important cause.”

SBS Cumbria provides care and help to people who have lost loved ones through suicide, whether family members, friends or colleagues. The charity is also actively involved in training those whose job requires them to inform people about their loss. Although centred on Cumbria, the charity also welcomes those bereaved by suicide and living in the surrounding areas of south Scotland and north Lancashire.

Sharon Tweedie is the charity’s facilitator for North Cumbria and the host for the monthly meeting in Carlisle that also welcomes those bereaved by suicide from the Borders area: “We’re all volunteers who’ve personal experience of bereavement by suicide,” she says. “We simply aim to support those who’ve lost someone in this way and we also want to raise awareness of the issues around this particularly tough-to-handle bereavement and grief. I hope David’s exhibition will help in letting those in and around Dumfries who might appreciate our support know that we’re available.”

The Hidden Dumfries exhibition opens on Monday 20th February and runs until Saturday 4th March. It will be available to view during regular Cafe hours, 9am to 3pm Monday to Saturday, and the pictures are available for a £50 donation via The Stove.

Information about SBS Cumbria will be available within The Stove Cafe throughout and additional donations can be made via the Just Giving Page at https://www.justgiving.com/page/hidden-dumfries-photography-at-the-stove.

If someone close to you has taken their life and you would like to make contact with SBS members, email [email protected] and SBS Cumbria will get back to you. If you would like to find out more about the organisation, the website address is www.sbs.org.uk and the charity also has social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.


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