Sharon Tolson’s Heron Image Is Overall Best Photograph at At Royal Highland Showcase

Dumfries & Galloway Unlimited (DGU) has focussed on the 2-d image in its Photography Spotlight as part of this year’s  Royal Highland Showcase 2021.

Each year RHASS invites a different region to act as “host”, allowing it to highlight the best of its rural economy. This year it’s the turn of Dumfries and Galloway which prides itself on its thriving creative community. 

Within our fantastic region, there is much to inspire photographers all year round.   Well known for its stunning landscapes and rugged, undulating coastlines, we also have some of the country’s best livestock, top quality ingredients, farmers and artisan food producers.  When it comes to culture and creativity, Dumfries & Galloway is renowned for communities full of unique characters, artists, makers, storytellers, and creative practitioners who all contribute to a varied, vibrant exhibition, festival and events scene throughout the year.

We are delighted to have worked with Dumfries & Galloway College Creative Industries lecturers, who promoted our Photography Spotlight opportunity to their students and thank  The Holywood Trust for supporting our young person’s participation.

Kim Ayres, our featured photographer, has generously shared some of his photography insights by providing feedback and advice to each of the selected photographers.  Kim is a narrative and portrait photographer based in Castle Douglas, with a love for theatrical and cinematic visual storytelling.

DG Unlimited congratulates all the keen photographers who submitted images, with a great mix of personal responses to living in our diverse and inspiring region.

Visit the DG Unlimited website to view this fantastic exhibition of local work: https://www.dgunlimited.com/photography-spotlight.html

Overall Best Photograph by Sharon Tolson:

“Love the layering hills, river, reflection, heron and stones, and use of the bridge in the foreground to frame the scene.” Kim Ayres

Sharon said: “Thanks for your message, that’s made my week!… I love to snap images on my camera phone and share them promoting the area where I live. I’ve been an amateur photographer for past couple of years, but since the pandemic and time to get out and about walking locally, I really took time to appreciate the nature on my doorstep.”

Best photograph for the under 26-years by Kirsty Graham ‘Blue Tit’:

“A wonderful sense of depth, texture and life, with a colour palette of spring starting to emerge but where the coolness of winter hasn’t lost its grip yet.” Kim Ayres

Kirsty said “I was born and raised in Langholm. This might seem cliche but It’s a small town where everyone knows everyone.  Langholm is surrounded by many hills and walks that are very popular even to people that aren’t from Langholm. This is something I recently highlighted in my photography project for university. I can’t wait to be able to share this news with everyone from my local community.”

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