Showtime for Talented Students in Dumfries and Galloway

One of the stand out films of this year had to be The Greatest Showman about PT Barnum and the creation of his circus and the lives of its star attractions.

The theme running throughout the film was how performing can bring magic to the audience and help the artists to believe in who they really are. These ideals are what the young performers in Dumfries held on to throughout the months of rehearsals and preparations for their show held on Sunday 24th June at the Theatre Royal in Dumfries as they put on a show to remember.

The cast all attend Razzamataz Dumfries and the whole school played a part in the show which was called ‘This is me’. The annual performance gives students a chance to demonstrate what they learn each week in classes and shows off the whole Razzamataz Curriculum that features traditional West End musical theatre through to pop singing, street dance and acting for stage and screen.

The youngest age group attend the Minis class and they put on an adorable display which delighted their family and friends and gave many of them the opportunity to perform for the very first time. The Juniors class had the opportunity to explore the musical theatre world of Frozen as well as more commercial dance and singing pieces.

The Inters classes had the chance to show the audience their version of Mamma Mia and Cats and the oldest group, the Seniors, had the opportunity to challenge themselves with Billy Elliot.

There really was something to appeal to everyone in the annual show and the cast worked together to produce something that even PT Barnum would be proud of. “The months of rehearsals, costume fittings and organisation really makes sense when you see the children and young people perform,” says, Pam, Principal of Razzamataz Dumfries. “The process of putting on a show is a wonderful way of teaching young people about teamwork, collaborating and sharing ideas, why practice is important and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.”

Some of the key moments in the show included a guest performance from Razzamataz Graduate Rebecca Crawford who returned to perform where her journey started and she now has just graduated from Knightswood in Glasgow and the minis who are just ages 4-5 graced the stage and gave a show stopping rendition of Grease and Rock of Ages!

The audience had a terrific time and appreciated the work that the staff and young cast put in to produce such a slick show. Typical of many of the testimonials received was one from parents Vanessa Marsh: “What an amazing show! All the kids were brilliant”

The Razzamataz annual show gives students the chance to audition for various roles and allows each performer the opportunity to shine. The experience of performing is something that helps students to become more confident individuals and teaches them the art of communication. The youngsters had a fantastic time as Lennon Wilson who attends the Seniors explains in a video before the show: “It boosts your confidence and teaches you to be the best you can be”


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