Get Involved with the Spring Fringe Interactive High Street Mural – Dumfries

The Spring Fringe 2017 festival is giving Bakers Oven (High St, Dumfries) a spring clean with a large community window mural.  Members of the public are invited to take part and draw their own wee picture on the glass.  It could be a flower, a bird, or even a slogan – basically a way of expressing “what spring means to you”. 

The Spring Fringe event is being held this week to help us all celebrate the spring while promoting community inclusion, artistic expression, and good old fashioned fun.  There’s a shadow puppet theatre “Luna Munda” (Moon World) which has been provided by the wonderful Maria Ruiz Plana.  A selection of art from The Yellow Door Art Gallery (found on Queen Street, Dumfries). There’s a ‘Sensing Life’ interactive workshop by Word-Smith-Crafts which allows people to explore their senses in a variety of ways. 


Plenty more to come over the next week so stay tuned, and definately try to pop along and add to the window mural! x


 Visit the Wee Fringe  website for more information on The Yellow Door’s Thursday Night “Art ‘n’ Light Bites” exhibition celebration!


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