The Awesome Power Of Weather Exhibited At Logan Botanic Garden

Found to be one of the sunniest spots in Scotland, yet increasingly at the mercy of devastating storms and flooding, Logan Botanic Garden, part of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) is the perfect location for a new photographic exhibition on the awesome majesty of the world’s weather.

Located in Dumfries & Galloway on Scotland’s south-western tip and warmed year-round by the Gulf Stream, the almost subtropical climate at Logan enables a spectacular range of plants from as far away as Australia, South America and South Africa to thrive outdoors at such latitude.

Richard Baines, Curator at Logan Botanic Garden said: “All known life depends on plants yet changes to global weather patterns are now causing devastation to our natural environment, affecting plant, animal and human life.
“This fascinating new exhibition, Weather Photographer of the Year, showcases some of the best and most powerful images of this force of nature, highlighting the beauty and diversity of the world’s weather systems.
“Visitors will leave the exhibition with a deeper understanding of the impact weather has on our precious natural world, and ways in which each individual can fight climate change.”

This brand-new exhibition from the Royal Meteorological Society showcases the very best entries from the sixth year of the organisation’s Weather Photographer of the Year competition, which attracted more than 8,900 photographs from over 3,300 photographers in 114 countries.

Displayed in a video format, with insights from meteorologists and photography experts, over 30 powerful photographs tell the story of the Earth’s dramatic and ever-changing climate. From curious clouds, majestic haloes and rainbows to rare lightning sprites, floods and magical mists.

The exhibition runs from Sunday 1 May to Thursday 30 June at Logan Botanic Garden. No booking is required and it is free with normal Garden entry

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