Exclusive Outdoor Theatre Performance In Store for Kirkconnel and Sanquhar



Not To Scale is an outdoor performance spectacle by acclaimed theatre company Oceanallover and will be staged site specifically at Kirkconnel and Sanquhar later this month. 


Oceanallover is a performance theatre company based in South West Scotland. Their work is visually arresting and makes use of original and innovative costume design, gripping theatricality and evocative music to create memorable performance events. They specialise in outdoor performance that brings theatre to non-urban environments and this new piece of work will draw inspiration from sources of natural power investigating wind and water turbine sites.


Not To Scale is based loosely on a story by Eleanor Farjeon called “The Giant and the Mite”.

It is an allegory examining self-awareness and responsibility for actions. The smallest of creatures with the biggest of minds enters through the ear and into the head of a thoughtless giant. The resulting combination is an explosion of possibilities that endangers all things. The story discusses the relationship of ideas to physical reality, of unconscious ideas to conscious actions. Microbes, bacteria, insects too small for a human eye to see, alongside giant structures of human construction, engineered edifices that extend well beyond the capabilities of one person to make.


South West Scotland has a large number of wind-farms and hydro schemes and the presence of these objects has physically and emotionally altered the landscape. Not To

Scale will utilise the backdrop of these soaring turbines and consider the massed accumulation of water retained by hydro-electric dams as stimulus to frame their performance. Standing beneath the blades of a turning windmill is an awe inspiring experience. The mill is set into an enormous block of concrete weighing over 150 tonnes and with the tip passing at 100 metres above the ground, five times higher than the biggest oak tree. A hilltop with an array of such giants is difficult to comprehend. Equally, standing below a dam that holds back acres and acres of water and is built



with thousands of tonnes of concrete and steel leaves you speechless. This project will invite audiences to re-imagine these sites and create a dialogue between public and industry.



Sunday 17th April 2016 – 1.30pm Kirkconnel and 3.30pm Sanquhar

Duration: Approx 1 hour


Free/Un-ticketed Event


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