In 2017 the Ian Wardlaw Drama Trust celebrates its Silver Anniversary. Since small beginnings in 1992 the Trust has supported ambition in drama – young performers, or technicians, established members of regional drama groups, would-be directors – all have over the last 25 years applied for grant support from the Trust.  Dancing shoes, books, leotards, travel and workshop fees, course costs, accommodation have all been paid for from modest grants and other funds raised by those keen to improve their skills, and bring them back to Dumfries and Galloway.


Over the years, the Trust has continued to raise funds so that the annual Awards can continue.  The “suitcase theatre” presentations have been followed by the series of “An Evening With” which has added to resources through visits from Bill Paterson, Brian Cox, David Hayman and the first Makar, Liz Lochhead.  Concerts have been generously given by awardees, notably Nicky Spence, to add to the funds.


As usual the Trust will circulate schools and youth drama groups this April, to remind them that the annual deadline for applications is 1 June.


In addition, to mark the Anniversary, the Trust has decided to make a special one-off award.


This Anniversary Award is targeted not at individuals, as is the case with annual awards, but at groups.


Recognising that it isn’t always possible for more than one member of an adult drama group to attend a workshop, the Trust is offering the opportunity for several members to attend a workshop outwith the region, or for a group to organise one or more workshops for their members (and perhaps members from other drama groups too) with a visiting tutor or tutors in the region.


The limit on the award is £1,000 – so that as many members as possible can benefit.


Submissions should be with the Trust, via the Ian Wardlaw Drama Trust website, wardlawdramatrust.org by 1 June.


Submissions should cover

– name and brief history of the group (50 words)

– contact individual

– number of members

– number to be involved in the activity

– what the activity/course will be

– why it will help the group

– costs involved

– how you hope it will extend your group’s activities in future


Submissions should be no more than 2 sides of A4


The Trust will ask for a short account of the activity or course, together with photographs, for press and website purposes.

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