The Whitehouse Gallery Presents Footsteps Exhibition – Kirkcudbright

The Whitehouse Gallery presents ‘ Footsteps ’, an exhibition merging the landscape with the figurative in an interesting mix from thirteen fine artists.  The exhibition runs from 13th May – 24th June 2017, and all are welcome to attend the preview opening on Saturday 13th May.  Doors open from 11am.

This exhibition will welcome some new artists to the gallery, including Cecilia Cardiff and Lindsey Madden. Each of these artists are interested in the figure, but each possessing a very unique style and approach to their chosen subject matter.

Cecilia is a Glasgow based artist, who is very much inspired by urban scapes and lifestyle, observing every day life and human nature. Lindsey Madden is more interested in the theme of childhood and growing up, incorporating objects associated with childhood into her paintings. Lindsey’s work allows the viewer to draw on their own memories of their childhood, and in turn apply their own narratives.

We are delighted to welcome the return of highly acclaimed Edinburgh based artist Joyce Gunn Cairns, with a collection of her tender and beautiful, yet often unflinching portraits. Joyce has work at the National Portrait Gallery.

Helen Tabor is another artist who we are very excited to welcome back to the gallery.  Based in the Borders, Helen will be exhibiting some of her landscapes and figurative work for this exhibition.  Her main interest lies in the properties of colour, and the effects created by the movement of the paint, and in turn the mood created in her oil paintings.

Based in Aberdeenshire, Susie Hunt has exhibited with us in the past, more often with her still life and colourful garden studies. Susie will be providing some of her charming figures for this exhibition, often evoking memories of days spent at the beach with loved ones.

New to the gallery, Edinburgh based Karen Warner is inspired by her immediate surroundings, the coast and hill of East Lothian, the shore at Newhaven and the buildings of Edinburgh’s Old Town.  Karen works mainly in oils, but preferring to use a range of techniques and materials in her work. Another new artist to the gallery, Kevin Fleming will be exhibiting some of his vibrant and textured oil paintings depicting the vast Scottish landscape.

Returning artist James Somerville Lindsay is giving us some of his extremely popular landscapes, often capturing the surrounding landscape, but also reflecting his time spent in France. Alison Dickson will also be providing us with some of her landscapes for this exhibition, which are often under weather-laden skies and built up with paint and collage techniques.

We  look forward to new work by Rosanne Barr and Helen Glassford.  Both artists attempt to capture mood, emotion, movement and atmosphere in their land and seascapes, looking at the ever changing weather and light to guide them.

Kirkcudbright based artist Ross Fulton will be exhibiting a collection of his paintings, depicting the more manmade side of the landscape, finding beauty in derelict buildings, or objects and places that have a certain appeal to the artist. This subject matter is also embraced by Thomas Cameron, who explores the everyday scenes that often go unnoticed through their apparent familiarity. Thomas is partcularly drawn to the urban landscape, and the relationship between nature and the built environment.

New sculpture will be provided by Gemma Rees, Michael Lythgoe and Jennifer Watt, jewellery by Susanna Hanl and textile creatures by Karen Norton.

The Whitehouse Gallery is a member of the Own Art Scheme.

For more information, please contact us on 01557 330223  or [email protected]

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