100% Homicides Solved by Police Scotland

Every homicide committed in Scotland since 2013 has been detected by Police Scotland.

In 2022/23, all 52 homicides committed in Scotland were detected.

Latest statistics from Scottish Government, published today, show the number of homicides committed in Scotland continues to reduce.

Police Scotland’s 100 per cent homicide detection rate means that every one of the 605 murders committed since the inception of the single national service in 2013, has been solved.

In addition, a significant number of ‘cold cases’, some committed many decades ago, have also been detected with the culprits identified, often using the latest technologies, and brought to trial. These have included the murders of Brenda Page (1978) and Renee MacRae (1976).

Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Livingstone, Head of Major Crime, said: “Every murder is a tragedy for individuals, families, and local communities.
“Our dedicated murder investigators bring a high level of professional practice, compassion, competence and commitment to each investigation. As a single national service we are able to bring a consistent approach, working with partners, to every investigation.
“We hope this commitment gives the public confidence in their police service.
“The pursuit of justice, regardless of the passage of time, is a core duty of policing and central to public confidence and police legitimacy. We apply the same level of commitment and professionalism to unresolved cases from the past, to provide answers and justice for families, even after decades.”

The Scottish Government Homicide Statistics can be found here.

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