Over 100,000 First Dose Covid Vaccinations Provided Across The Region So Far

A MAJOR milestone has been reached in Dumfries and Galloways COVID-19 immunisation programme – with over 100,000 first dose vaccinations provided. 

The programme is now powering on with the younger cohorts aged under 40, who in line with national directions are being provided with the Pfizer vaccine.

But against the backdrop of increasing cases as lockdown eases, a call continues to be made for anyone aged over 40 who has not yet received their first COVID-19 vaccination to call a new local phone line and arrange an appointment.

Graeme Bryson is NHS Dumfries and Galloway Director of Pharmacy, and he said: “We’ve now reached a very significant milestone in our local COVID-19 immunisation programme, with over 100,000 first dose vaccinations provided to the people of Dumfries and Galloway.
“Careful management of vaccine stocks and incredible work by our vaccination teams has resulted in first doses for 102,322 people, or 81.8 per cent of the adult population aged 18 plus. Across Scotland, the national average is 76.5 per cent.
“Meanwhile, we’ve powered on with second dose vaccinations to stand at 80,521, which means that 64.8 per cent of people aged 18 plus have received both jags. Across Scotland, the national average is 51.4 per cent.
“As we move into the final adult cohorts, and provide those under 40 with a Pfizer vaccine in line with national directions, it’s really important that everyone takes up the opportunity to be vaccinated.
“Everyone aged 18-29 still has until close of this Friday to register online by visiting nhsinform.scot/under30register. By doing so, they will be among the first in their age group to receive the vaccination and will receive notification of their appointment by text or email.
“It’s really important that everyone in the remaining younger age groups takes up the opportunity to be vaccinated. COVID-19 can seriously affect younger people, too, but we really need everyone to help stop the spread of the virus in our communities – protecting those most vulnerable, local businesses and employers, and securing the freedoms we’ve all worked so hard to regain.
“We’re also calling for people aged 40 plus who have not yet received their first vaccination to call a new local helpline and speak to someone locally to arrange to be vaccinated.
“We do have spaces allocated at clinics across the region for anyone over 40 still to receive their first vaccination, so if you’re in that position please either phone 01387 403090 between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday, or email [email protected]
“Everyone under 40, please do take up the opportunity when it is presented.
“We’re still on course to complete scheduled first dose vaccinations for those aged 30 to 39 by the end of the third week of June, and to have completed all scheduled adult first dose vaccinations by the end of July.”

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