Emma Harper Welcomes 1,241 Baby Boxes Provided Across Dumfries & Galloway 

This week marks a year since the highly popular Baby Box initiative was introduced in Scotland.


In the past twelve months 52,065 Baby Boxes have been provided across the country, with 1,241 of those boxes going to newborns in the Dumfries & Galloway region.


A Baby Box gives every child in Scotland the best start in life, with each box containing a selection of clothes from newborn up to the age of six months, everyday must haves like a bath towel, a travel changing mat, bibs, books and a digital thermometer for taking the baby’s temperature. The box can also be used as the baby’s first bed!


The idea is taken from Finland, where for almost 80 years the state has been handing out a box filled with a baby starter kit to expectant mothers.


Emma Harper MSP said:


The Baby Box is yet another great success of the SNP Scottish Government and shows how important we take the welfare of our children to give each baby born in Scotland this ideal start in life.
“I’ve been taking a Baby Box out across the region over the past few months to show constituents the box and contents and everyone has been surprised at how big the box is and how many necessary items, including accessories and clothes there are inside, to help parents.
“The box itself is a safe and comfortable place for all wee ones to sleep in – and it’s an important statistic that almost two-thirds of parents said they have used or planned to use the box as a bed for their baby.
“With 1,241 Baby Boxes handed out across Dumfries & Galloway – and a further 132 already applied for by expectant parents – it goes to show that the Baby Box has been a big success across the south west.
“The Royal College of Midwives recently backed the introduction of a similar scheme across the whole of the UK, which proves Scotland really is leading the way when it comes to the welfare of our wee ones.”

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