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Ghosts, legends, curses and vampires, ghastly ingredients for an extraordinary event! Dumfries-based paranormal team, Mostly Ghostly Investigations will kick off their spooky new tour – Legends and Lore at Lochmaben Castle – this July, adding a distinct chill to the balmy summer evenings…
Such was the overwhelming success of their opening night at Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival, this thrilling tour will now form part of the team’s regular events repertoire. Set amidst the crumbling ruins of Lochmaben Castle, Legends and Lore is a storytelling adventure entwined with dark deeds, terrifying tales and curious local encounters. Once seat of the powerful Bruce clan, the history of this now ruined fortress is soaked in the blood of past battles. Add to that a fearsome curse that plagued the family, whispers of local folk being scared to visit the castle after nightfall and reports of a vampire-like creature said to stalk the surrounding woodlands and you have the perfect recipe for a ghostly gathering!

Bowled over by the host of haunting happenings witnessed during the Arts Festival, team member John Hill revealed: “One lady was overcome by a persisting feeling of dread with another reporting a dark shape or energy rushing past her. At the same time, a gentleman felt an intense jolt causing his head to snap round to see what was there – nothing.”
Commenting on the new venture, founding member Kathleen Cronie said: “We are keen to showcase the region’s rich tapestry of ghosts and legends set in unusual, dramatic locations. With it’s ragged silhouette, beautiful nature reserve and spooky reputation, Lochmaben Castle certainly fits the bill and has long been a favourite haunt of ours. We’re proud to offer a range of exciting and well-researched events that encourage people to explore the darker character of D&G!”

Kathleen added: “Our tours incorporate eerie attractions unique to Dumfries & Galloway e.g. Scotland’s oldest working theatre, most haunted road and in this case, a vampire legend with it’s origins buried in the 12th century. This phenomenon is highly unusual in Scotland with legends mainly found in Eastern European folklore. Believer, sceptic or lover of strange stories, this is one experience you don’t want to miss!”

Ghost tours are not just reserved for the dark winter months as Kathleen explains: “A good story well told creates atmosphere at any time of year especially with a stunning backdrop such as Lochmaben Castle. We feel summer is a great opportunity to promote tourism when our vibrant region welcomes visitors from all over the world.”

Mostly Ghostly aim to add a personal flavour to the tour and will include a collection of strange experiences witnessed during research visits. Guests will be encouraged to try their hand at rod and crystal dowsing and will even get a chance to join a full group vigil inside the sheltered confines of what is known as the castle’s Stone Room – are you brave enough?


• Contact Info   www.mostlyghostly.org
• Legends and Lore at Lochmaben Castle takes place on Thursday 24th July and Thursday 28th August

• Tickets available from Midsteeple Box Office, Dumfries (£10/£8)
• Parking and mobility restricted, please contact team for more info

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